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What Services Does Custom3D Offer?

     Below, you can see the printers Custom3D uses to create its products. Custom3D is currently a small family-owned business who are exploring the advantages of 3D printing. Max Willett, took an engineering course in high school and fell in love with the 3D printers. 

      Once I bought my own 3D printer and became comfortable with the machines and software applications used for 3D printing, I took my hobby and turned it into a business. I plan to create a 3D Printer that we all can use and operate, just as easy as an ink jet printer we have for paper. Hopefully with determination and perseverance I can achieve that goal. 

What is 3D Printing?

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Our Printers


Creality Ender 3 Pro


Elegoo Mars Pro


Creality Ender 3


3 Creality CR-10 Mini's 


Prusa Mk3S+ 

This is Custom3D's headquarters, located at 410 Kingstown Road in Richmond. In other words, I am right next to the Del's lemonade and Dunkin' on 138. I just say that and people pretty much know where I am at :)! 

Looking to stop by? Let me know, just call me or shoot me an email to let me know. Due to Covid-19 I can only have few people in at once.