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What does Custom3D do?

Custom3D is a company that offers additive manufacturing services. Otherwise known as 3D Printing. We specialize in printing on demand. Along with creating prototypes for customers from the ground up using state of the art computer automated design programs (CAD). 

History of 3D Printing!


What is 3D Printing used for?

3D Printing can be used for a variety of projects. The great thing about it, is that you can really create anything you can think of. The difference between other types of manufacturing and 3D printing, is that there are little to know limitations to what you can create. On top of that, its is also a lot more cost efficient when compared to CNC and injection molding. 

Pricing Comparison

Item to be Manufactured:
     - In plastic, at quantity 100. As 3D printing is the best at "short run manufacturing". This item is
19.8mm x 19.78 x 12.45
3D Printing

Lead Time: 1 week

Cost: $45


Lead Time: 2 weeks

Cost: $914

Injection Molding

Lead Time: One Month+

Cost: Over $1500