Product Development

Are you looking to create a new product to release to the world? Look no further than Custom3D! Here we offer all stages of product development. From Research and Development, Prototyping, to manufacturing. 

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Research and Development

Here Custom3D introduces you to a great business consultant to help you figure out your business plan. 

Online Meeting
Designing on Laptop


Here you work with an experienced CAD designer to help you figure out the best design for your idea. 



Here we will use 3D Printing to create the first iteration of your idea. 

Manufacturing Assembly


Here we will see what type of manufacturing is best for your product. 

Please note: 

Product development is not a task that takes a couple of weeks. There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to these projects. It could take at least 2 months depending on the complexity of the item. So, please be patient as our team puts 100% into every project to make sure it gets done right! Thanks and we look forward to working with you.