Mask Fitter
  • Mask Fitter

    Mask Fitter by Bellus3D is a great item for keeping you extra safe from outside germs! It creates a tight seel around your mouth and nose. Simply wear it over your mask and you are saved! Follow these easy steps!


    Step 1: Go to the app store on your phone and download the Bellus3D mask fitter app. Click this link if you are on your phone -- APP STORE


    Step 2: Follow the directions on the app to scar your face (please note that your phone needs to have a face scanner built in for this to work. Like an iPhone X or newer). 


    Step 3: Purchase the file. Please note that the standard option keeps the seel. The Premium has teeth that keep your mask away from your face! 


    Step 4: Email the file to, then purchase it on this page. 


    Please see the video in the gallary above to see this process in action! Thanks! 



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