Custom3D can turn any picture into a "Lithophane"! All you need is a light source behind the white plastic and BOOM! You've got an awesome picture. Using advanced 3D printing technology along with innovative computer software, a part of this modern technology can be in your hands! 


STEP 1: Submit Picture in box below. 


STEP 2: Purchase lithophane.


Step 3: Enjoy and show to your friends! 


 Email-- ; Phone-- 401.487.4477 (call me anytime... I mean it! Even after 5!) 


Also, if you do not want a "Pre-made" Lithophane, make sure to choose "Custom" 


Are you an artist or product creator? Want to sell your creations as lithophanes? Contact Custom3D to ask about wholesale or reselling options.



Black and White Custom Night Light

    Upload Picture- Night lights and GLOW FRAMES 
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