Product Prototype Manufacturing

       Custom3D Can take your idea and make it a reality. Offering both design and prototyping services. We can create a mechanical draft, along with a 3D file using CAD (Computer Automated Design) at an affordable price. We can help you from beginning to end. Custom3D has already helped entrepreneurs create their dreams. Now its time for us to help you create yours! Schedule a meeting to talk with a prototyping expert! 

Steps below

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Step 1

Send Files / Drawings

If you already have a file to be 3D printed. All you need to do is email the file to Custom3D. Or if you need something designed, send us the design of the item. Also, make sure to include what material you would like and color. 

Step 2

Design / Quote

Now, once we have the drawings we can get started with the quote for CAD. In order for you to get a quote for something to be 3D printed you need a 3D file. Which are created using software on a computer. This service is $100 /hr  (basically to create the file). However, if you already sent us the file we will have a quote to you by this step. 


Step 3

Accept Quote / Approve Design

At this step you decide if the quote is within your price range. We will send you a quote for your part to be designed. Once payment is received we will begin the design process. Once the file is complete, you will approve the design (if it is to your liking). We need the 3D file that is created in the design process to be able to get a quote for the part to be 3D printed. (minimum cost of $125)

Step 4

Get to Printing!

The part you were waiting for! Once you have accepted the quote for your part to be 3D printed and payed for it, we will begin the print! Lead time is usually 2 weeks. (1).png