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CAD designs

- Have the next big idea and want to make it into a reality? Well you've come to the right place! 

-Using fusion 360 I can design pretty much anything! 

-All you need to do is email us to further inquire about this. Or click the button below to schedule a call. Or call us now!

EMAIL: Custom3DUSA@gmail.com

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Please note, you can only upload pictures, all other file types must be emailed to Custom3DUSA@gmail.com

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Cost estimates

-Pricing is done in terms of hourly rates

-You will be charged for how many hours it takes to transfer or design your product into a CAD program, and then how long it takes to print

-minimum quantity of 3

- you will also be charged in material costs and other miscellaneous costs.  

-The hourly rate for design is $115.00

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Email: Custom3DUSA@gmail.com


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