3D Print On Demand

Looking to bring your idea to realty? With 3D printing that is possible. Not only will you get your part fast, it will be of high quality at a low price! 


Already have a file? Send it over and I will get you a quote ASAP!  

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Promo Items

Show your customers you care more than your competition with completely custom promotion items. Keychains are template free and check out these incredible foldable phone stands.  

3D Printing Fiber

3D Filament

Have a 3D printer already? Whether its industrial or hobbyist I've got you covered. You can purchase PLA on my store. Contact me for industrial materials. (ex Stratasys or 3D Systems).  

Appliance Repairs

3D Printer Repair

Have a 3D printer in Rhode Island or eastern Connecticut and having issues? Call me!