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3D Print On Demand

Looking to bring your idea to realty? With 3D printing that is possible. Not only will you get your part fast, it will be of high quality at a low price! 


Already have a file? Send it over and we will get you a quote ASAP!

Product Prototyping

Custom3D can bring your idea into reality. If you need a new idea. designed with a prototype, look no further. 


3D Printing Fiber

3D Filament

Have a 3D printer already? Order some filament! Click the button below to learn more! 

Appliance Repairs

3D Printer Repair

Have a 3D printer in Rhode Island or eastern Connecticut and having issues? Call me!  


*Please note, base fee is $100

*Also, repair on first visit is not a guarantee. As parts may need to be ordered to properly fix printer