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UltiMaker Unveils Method XL: A 3D Printer Ready to Compete with Industrial FDMs

UltiMaker, formerly Makerbot, has gained a reputation for its reliable and affordable Method series of desktop 3D printers, offering engineering-grade prints at a sub $10k price point. However, UltiMaker is now taking a leap forward with the introduction of the Method XL, a new 3D printer that boasts five times the print volume of its predecessors without compromising printing precision.

According to UltiMaker's VP of Product, Johan-Till Broer, the Method XL targets a more mature user base and aims to cater to companies seeking to adopt 3D printing without the need for a six-figure industrial solution. UltiMaker envisions the XL as a reliable and user-friendly option that can help businesses uncover cost savings and seamlessly integrate 3D printing into their workflows and processes.

The Method XL focuses on engineering applications, serving both functional prototyping and the production of end-use parts using injection molding plastics like ABS. By utilizing the same plastic in the prototype as in the final production, engineers can ensure accurate testing and validation before investing in costly tooling processes. The printer is designed to handle materials such as carbon-fiber-infused ABS, and its heated chamber (up to 100°C) and new heated bed (up to 105°C) coupled with an external, moisture-controlled filament case enable the production of high-quality prints comparable to injection-molded parts.

Positioned as a cost-effective rival to industrial FDM printers, the Method XL not only delivers solid ABS parts but also emphasizes ease of use. Its web browser-enabled CAD-file-to-print workflow allows users to upload, monitor, and track print jobs remotely from anywhere.

UltiMaker's ultimate mission is to drive the adoption of professional 3D printing, and the Method XL represents a step towards achieving this goal. As UltiMaker continues to develop application-specific solutions, users can expect more innovative products from the company in the future.

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