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Unveiling Simplify3D 5.1: A Remedy for the Lackluster Response to 5.0?

Simplify3D, the renowned paid slicing software, has recently launched version 5.1 following the much-anticipated but underwhelming release of version 5.0 last December. Users and reviewers expressed disappointment over the lack of standout features after a long wait.

The highlight of Simplify3D 5.1 is a set of features aimed at improving the visual quality of prints. Notably, an ironing feature smooths out imperfections on the top layer, resulting in a flawless finish. The addition of monotonic infill settings allows for better control over infill toolpaths, ensuring enhanced consistency. Moreover, an "intelligent" anti-scarring mechanism reduces unwanted marks and scarring, while a top layer control feature enables customization of properties such as speed, flow rate, and cooling to achieve perfectly sealed surfaces.

A significant upgrade to Wi-Fi and Ethernet communication adds compatibility with popular printers and Klipper tablets, enabling users to conveniently upload files and monitor printer statuses using the Simplify3D Machine Control Panel.

Version 5.1 also introduces a new "Live Preview" feature, offering real-time simulation of prints. Additionally, an embedded thumbnail preview image option allows for easy viewing on a printer's LCD screen. The update further includes native support for Apple M1 and M2 silicon, resulting in up to 20% faster performance for CPU-intensive tasks. Moreover, it expands support for over 30 new 3D printers, offering optimized settings profiles, real-time monitoring, and extensive customization capabilities.

Existing Simplify3D 5.0 users can enjoy version 5.1 as a free update, while new users can purchase a perpetual license for $199 on the Simplify3D website. Those who have purchased a license within the past 12 months are eligible for a free upgrade, and older license holders can upgrade at a reduced cost.

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